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"it’s a full moon tonight and these hoes ain’t acting right.”
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Hi I’m Dylan O’brien and I’m on the set of my Teen Vogue shoot for september issue *

Why is derek losing his energy ?

I believe from my guessing is that peter might be stealing his powers from him. Possibly because of something dealing with kate as well.

i’m making a parrish theory post since i keep getting messages about him

So has derrick completely lost his powers or senses ?

its not been said yet that he lost it all completely but I’m pretty sure hes human already.

why do people think parrish is a phoenix

he burned to ashes and phoenixs rise from burned ashes. 

I know there is an episode on Sunday but is there one on Monday as well?

No! This weeks episode is just coming before the vmas thats all.

Do you ship Stalia?


Interviewer: If you were running for president, what would be your campaign song?                                          

Tyler Posey: I would sing this:                                             (x)

I am yours if you want me
You can see I’m not mine anymore
It didn’t take much to drive me crazy
I guess I wasn’t that sane before.